Biznaga Vidriada 50 cm

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In Patamban, the Purépechan artists created the famous pineapples: some raw and others colored glazed. Then, the trade came to San José de Garcia. The potters process consists of applying to the clay pieces, after their first firing, a film or layer that, after melting in an oven, takes on a crystalline appearance. It is therefore a smooth and waterproof coating achieved in a second firing that must reach 800 ° C to 1300 ° C.

Pottery in Michoacán is distinguished in Popular Art in Mexico not only for its quality, but for the ancestral techniques they use, making a fusion of pre-Hispanic techniques. The glazed clay, named for its glazed appearance that looks like glass.

San José de Gracia- Michoacan.

This pineapple is a unique piece, each part of the scaling is made by hand, by Michoacan artisans when buying one of these pieces you support the families of artisans who work in this beautiful art, this piece has measures of:

20x11x11 CM < br>

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