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Several stories are told about the origin of this traditional artistic manifestation. From the count of myths there are those where it is said that the devil “traveled through Ocumicho and bothered everyone, got into the trees and killed them. He entered the dogs and did nothing but shake and scream. Then he chased people, who were getting sick and going crazy. It occurred to someone that they had to be given places where they could live without disturbing anyone. ” This is one of the reasons why the villagers started to make devils.

Another story is the one that most of the locals tell. In it reference is made to a young man named Marcelino, who liked to make clay figures, which, in her time, was considered an activity proper to women. According to what they say, it was he who made the first figurines after the devil appeared to him in a ravine. He also made virgins, mermaids and "huarecitas", all figures traditionally made in the region. Their devils were the best effigies, "no one has overcome them"

Today in Nahualcalli we are pleased to include the works of Master Zenaida Rafael , Winner of the P < span style = "color: # 2b00ff;"> National Ceramic tile , of the National Popular Art Grand Prize , and great teacher of popular art, and the works of her son that continue to this day with tradition, this piece has approximate measurements of:

10x10x11 cm

Fish whistle, work of Master Zenaida Rafael, piece made entirely by hand without the use of molds.

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