Cartoneria Mexicana: el arte en papel.

Mexican Cartoneria: art on paper.

Since ancient times, paper has been used by many master craftsmen to capture their great creativity and imagination. Exported from the European countries coming from Spain and before Portugal, the cardboard in Mexico was also born as a method of evangelization, since the Judas, the piñatas, the masks it could be said that the cardboard has its ritual origin in the ceremonies that are celebrated, since be religious or pagan like dances, dances, and troupes in Mexico.

Cartoneria is a traditional Mexican technique that allows us to make any piece that we can imagine using mainly paper and paste, and Depending on the size or complexity of the piece, other materials such as wire, different types of paper or cardboard are added.

Those who have managed to learn and master this technique are known as Master Cartoners, who thanks to their incredible work have have been recognized worldwide and have raised the name of our country. Among them it is important to highlight the Master Pedro Linares, Father of the alebrijes thanks to his contributions to popular art, today we can see and celebrate the alebrijes as such, winner of the national prize for science and arts in 1990, also highlight the teacher Carmen Caballero, a traditional Judera who worked with reed, made countless judas for Diego Rivera who are in his museum house today.

Traditional pieces such as alebrijes, lupitas, calaveras, masks, skulls, catrinas, and the famous judas burned on Easter Saturday, are some of the typical pieces of cardboard that we can find in craft fairs, exhibitions or museums.

Even though cardboard was once considered of little interest to young people, today it is more common See young cardboard artisans participating in folk art fairs exhibiting their cardboard pieces that have the unique touch and style of each one.

Without a doubt, cardboard crafts have become the pride of thousands of Mexicans, and hundreds of teachers cartoneros who give life to alebrijes and other pieces that have traveled around the world, representing our beautiful culture.