Shipping policy

Packing and shipping time

The packing time is 3-5 business days. When it comes to crafts, some pieces require more time to be packed with due care.

< span class = "x-el x-el-span c1-9n c1-9o c1-b c1-c c1-d c1-e c1-f c1-g xd-ux"> STANDARD SHIPPING: Delivery time is 2 to 3 business days for the metropolitan area and 3 to 5 business days for the rest of the Mexican Republic.


International Shipping

INTERNATIONAL DESTINATIONS: The United States and Canada are the destinations of which we are sure that there is no problem when shipping our parts. < / span>

In case the international shipping destination is to a different country, contact us to quote shipping costs.

** In different international destinations The aforementioned are not responsible for any type of customs withholding during the shipping process.

TAXES: The taxes or duties generated in international shipments are at the buyer's expense.

Shipping Policies

Our Workshop is responsible for delivering on time and form the shipments to the corresponding parcel company, and there is no resp liable for loss or damage to parts caused by mishandling of packages during the shipping process, as this is beyond our control.

In the Nahualcalli workshop, we will help you In the process of requesting shipping insurance for the damage or loss of your items, but this depends entirely on the courier service providers, in the case of damage to goods, it will be necessary to present a video of the unpacking of the order, in order to open any case of clarification with the parcel in charge of your order, otherwise it will be impossible for us to present the claim and it will be invalid, it is necessary that the video be recorded in a lighted area and without breaks, we ask that if you notice that your order or the box of the same is mistreated, reject the package and put a note in the area where your signature goes, in the case of merchandise damage, as an alternative in c As for total loss, the Nahualcalli Workshop offers a partial refund of 30% of the order, if it is not convenient for you we can continue with the insurance claim advice in the corresponding package.

< p style = "margin: 0;"> The period of the insurance claim can take from 30 to 60 business days, for the corresponding package to do the analysis and return of the insurance.

** In case the Workshop Nahualcalli does not comply with the delivery times of the order to the parcel company, the total amount paid will be reimbursed.

BUYER DATA: The cl You must provide a clear and traceable address, as well as your name, email, and actual phone number, as this data is provided to the parcel company to facilitate on-time delivery.

** In case of providing incorrect data that does not allow the delivery of the package, or not being at the address on the delivery date, the package will be returned to the address of the Nahualcalli Workshop and the customer will pay the cost of forwarding, nor will it be responsible for delays , loss or damage that this may cause.