Terms of service

Products Features

< span class = "x-el x-el-span c1-9n c1-9o c1-b c1-c c1-d c1-e c1-f c1-g xd-ux"> The product photos are illustrative of the quality of the piece, since the pieces in some occasions can vary in the colors, tones, decoration designs or orientation and position of the same, because they are completely handmade products, and sometimes it is not a single craftsman who It elaborates them, which justifies the small differences, even though all the pieces cover the rigorous quality standard of the workshop, ensuring the same elaboration materials. The description of many of the pieces, especially the wooden ones, refers only to the base color of the sculpture, since the decorations, size and position may vary slightly,

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By making your purchase you are accepting that these slight variations may occur and you agree to receive a product in such a way, in case you are looking for a specific part or know the variants of parts that we can offer you. send, it is necessary to send an email at the time of purchase, if an email is not received informing this in the first 24 hours of your purchase, we will assume that you agree on this point and the packaging and logistics department will proceed to send the piece (s) selected by the logistics department and packaging.

Cardboard Specifications

About the pieces of cardboard, many of them are shipped with removable parts, this to avoid damage in the way of the figures, when you receive it and leave it in a fixed place for exhibition you can choose to glue the loose parts with glue Contact, the pieces have a layer of high resistance varnish, to avoid moisture and dust, avoid deterioration of the piece, and that your sculpture has a warranty of more than 5 years. span >