Ocumicho donde el diablo se vuelve arte.

Ocumicho where the devil becomes art.

Account the legend that in 1960 one day it appeared to
Marcelino Vicente, a strange man, the sky darkened and a man spoke to him" look at me well, that's how I am so you can make those figures for me "- who are you? he looked at his feet because he had a houndstooth leg and the other side like a calf, Marcelino crossed himself and the man disappeared, ever since
in ocumicho, the devil became art.
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Ocumicho is a municipality of Michoacan, located in the last corner of the Purépecha Plateau, ocumicho has suffered a lot of migration of its male population abroad, this made the majority of families in this region Carried by the women of the town, they are the ones who handle all the artisanal production of the town, their husbands help them in tasks such as loading the ovens, carrying the pieces, wrapping them, but the women are in charge of producing these precious and strange figures.
every artisan must make" sense " which is how the imaginative ability to create and invent pieces is known, you must also know how to talk about them, which is how you are told to tell the story of a piece and load it with meaning, without this the piece would not have the same value, the ocumicho women take their inspiration from what they can see in nature, television, what other older artisans tell them or the legends they have come to hear, each of these pieces is made by hand, without the use of molds, what gives each piece a unique value, which makes it impossible to easily repeat the same figure or at least not identical to the previous one, the pieces of the master Zenaida Rafael are recognized nationally and internationally for their smoothness, despite Being a very complicated clay to work with, she always gets this smooth texture in each piece, thus preventing it from breaking easily.
The artisans must also have cold hands, otherwise the pieces will break easily in the burning of the pieces, to prepare this clay, the earth is ground in metate as if it were corn, until getting A fine earth to be able to create the clay that is used in the elaboration of the pieces, requires a lot of skill to know how to prepare the good clay, for this activity, it must be sufficiently moldable to create the fine details but it must also be firm to prevent the part deforms while handling material.
In the Nahualcalli workshop we admire the work of all artisans in Mexico, especially those who have dared to dream no matter where they are, that is why we like to include new talents and through our website, valuing, raising awareness and spreading the work of the great masters of crafts in Mexico, let us continue to carry and spread the work of these masters, we remind you that each piece directly supports the families of each of the artisans on our site and So we also thank you for supporting our project and we as a family of artisans too, we love popular art and crafts and it is necessary to take them to all of Mexico and the world so that they know and never lose the cultural traditions and riches of our beautiful country.

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