In 1982 my father, who was then a young man in his twenties, saw an alebrije for the first time, in the Sonora market, at that time he did not know what that figure was but he He began to investigate until he found the information that Pedro Linares had been its creator, and without much knowledge about the technique he decided with his best friend to start making his first alebrijes. For some time they were working on several collections but because at that time there were no social networks, nor was there much information about the alebrijes, she could not continue her work, 20 years later I proposed to do some pieces as a hobby, but the I really loved the technique and fell in love with being able to create and model any figure as I pleased, I had the opportunity to dump my imagination on paper and paste. Seeing that our work caught people's attention, at that time I only shared photos of my work on my personal Facebook profile, but today 5 years later there are 14 million people on Facebook who have at least once started thinking about our alebrijes and that fills my heart with joy. Our pieces have traveled through many countries, and I am glad to be able to repat a piece of my heart in each alebrije, I think that is why I now feel present in many countries, receiving messages from the people who follow our work and from the people who They send us photos of the pieces already in their houses.
I am infinitely grateful to all for giving us the opportunity to share a part of Mexico and our culture to other parts of the world.
Exhibition in Cancun-1992